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Rental includes:

Chestpiece - Molded, flexible black latex chestpiece with muscles sculpted in. There is also a Batman insignia molded into the center of the chest. There are short sleeves, and the chestpiece goes around the back and fastens with Velcro strips, which are hidden by the cape.
Chaps - Molded, flexible black latex chaps that reach roughly knee level. The chaps cover the front of the leg, and fasten around the back with black ties, which are hidden by the cape.
Cape - Long, black, shiny cape that fastens around the neck. Along the bottom edge of the cape, there are weighted points that evoke a bat's fingers.
Cowl - A detailed, sculpted, and flexible black latex hood with an opening at the bottom half of the face. There are pointed ears and holes for the eyes and nostrils.
Utility Belt - Sculpted black latex utility belt. There are (nonfunctional) molded pockets. The belt fastens with Velcro at the back, which is hidden underneath the cape.
Boot Tops - Black sculpted latex boot tops. Boot tops fit on over regular shoes and create the illusion that the wearer is sporting real boots, while still allowing the wearer the comfort of their own shoes.
Undershirt - Plain, black shirt worn underneath the muscle chest.
Tights - Thick, opaque black tights.

Please contact us for sizing information.

Rental Code: C1-BBATMAN bruce wayne dark knight superhero comic book batman and robin 

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Call or Email for Availability
Boston Costume™ Request Page