Fairy #2

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Rental includes:

Dress - A metallic green dress that reaches roughly mid-thigh length. The shoulder straps are elasticized, and have pointed "leaves" hanging over the shoulders. There is a wide "V"-shaped neckline. The shoulders, neckline, and bottom hem are decorated with gold jewels, and the outer edges of the garment have metallic gold trim. There is a strip of Velcro at the center of the back to attach to the wings. Size: Small/Medium.
Wings - Gauzy, translucent green wings that attach to the dress with a strip of Velcro. The wings are delicate, with lots of folds, and have a subtle scalloped hem. They have elasticized straps to attach to the wearer's wrists.
Wreath - Fluffy green laurel wreath. There are green and gold ribbons hanging down from the sides of the wreath.