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Rental includes:

Tabard - A red velvet tabard with long sleeves that tie underneath the arms, leaving the sides of the body open. The perimeter of the tabard has white and gold metallic trim. There is a black velvet panel on the front, with a gold cross sewn on. This costume is adjustable and will fit most sizes.
Shirt - Off-white cotton long-sleeved shirt. There is a collar, which peeks over the neckline of the tabard to simulate a falling band. Available in multiple sizes.
Wrist Cuffs - White lace cuffs that fasten around the wrists with snap button closures.
Gloves - Short white dress gloves.
Breeches - Black velour breeches. There is elastic around the waist and bottom cuffs for an adjustable, comfortable fit.
Hose - White knee-length stockings.
Hat - Red velvet hat with a full, round brim and a low crown. There is gold and white trim around the perimeter. There is an ostrich plume rising out of the side of the hat.
Note: The Wig, Sword and Shoes are sold separately.

Please contact us for sizing information.

Rental Code: A2-CAVM5musketeer three musketeers royalist puritan d'artagnan