Retail Costumes & Accessories at Boston Costume

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We're unable to post the entire selection of items we sell at our 200 Broadway retail location, so if you don't see what you're looking for please ask.

Flappers, Disco Divas, Storybook Characters, & More!

Superheroes, Policemen, Gangsters, & More!
Capes, Cloaks, Animals, & More!
Great for book reports, school plays, Halloween, or just dress-up!
Top hats, Bowlers, Cowboy Hats, Tricorn Hats, Crowns, Tiaras, & more!
Wigs to complete any costume or outfit!
Costume Accessories

Accessories to take any costume to the next level!

Everything you need to make yourself look beautiful...or not.

Mustaches, Beards, Sideburns, & more!
Masquerade masks, character masks, animal masks, & more!
Capes and Cloaks

Capes and cloaks for all costumes!

Costume Skirts

Costume skirts, tutus, and petticoats

Feather Boas

Feather boas in every color of the rainbow!

Eyeglasses at Boston Costume

Costume eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Costume Gloves

Long or short, we've got them all!

Manic Panic, bleach kits, & temporary hair color
Tights and stockings to help complete your look!
All the things you need to celebrate the Holidays right!