Bald Cap Makeup Tutorial

Bald caps are a great way to transform yourself! Whether you decide to just do a bald cap, or use it as the basis for another look - old age, Blue Man Group, Nosferatu, Homer Simpson...there are tons of possibilities. Here are step-by-step instructions on how you can recreate this look on your own. Have fun!

Bald Before you Start:
Gather your Supplies

We used:
-HM Smallwares bald cap
-Mehron Spirit Gum
-Mehron Liquid Latex (in your desired skin-tone color)
-Mehron Castor Sealer
-Mehron Stipple Sponge
-Mehron Barrier Spray
-Mehron CreamBlend™ Stick in Natural Beige Blush (you'll want to use the color that most closely matches your skin tone)
-Mehron CreamBlend™ Stick in Ebony (optional - we used this to add some stubble at the end. You'll want to use the color that most closely matches your hair color)
-Hair Gel
-Assorted makeup brushes
-Pen or marker
Step 1:
Be sure to start with clean skin and hair. Know that bald caps work best if you have short hair and short sideburns, which will make it much easier to blend in the edges of the cap.

Use the hair gel to slick back your hair.

If your sideburns are too long, trim them as close as possible, then work some Spirit Gum into your hair and flatten down the sideburns with a damp cloth. If your hair is too long, try to braid it as tightly as possible into a French Braid or ponytail at the nape of the neck, and allow the ends to tuck into your shirt or costume.
Bald Cap Instructions
Bald Step 2:
Fit the cap over your head. Using the pen or marker, trace a line around your hairline and ears. Leave about an extra inch of space. Take off the cap, and use the scissors to cut away the excess.

Remember, it's always better to leave too much space than too little - you can always go back and trim it down later.
Bald Step 3:
Roll back the edge of the cap. Paint a thin line of Spirit Gum first on your head, in the general shape of the cap. The Mehron Spirit Gum bottles come with an included applicator brush, so you can just use that to paint the Spirit Gum. Then go and paint a thin line on the cap.

Once the Spirit Gum becomes tacky, flip the bald cap down and gently press the cap down into place with your fingers. Smooth out the edges of the cap, and allow it to dry for a couple of minutes.
Bald Step 4:
Apply the Mehron Liquid Latex using the Stipple Sponge. This will help strengthen and hide the seams of the bald cap.

Stipple the liquid latex over the seam line of the cap, to about one inch on either side of the seam. If you need a thinner coat of latex, you can dilute it with a bit of water. Let the latex dry for about three or four minutes, and then re-apply as necessary.
Step 5:
Paint on the Mehron Castor Sealer over the entire bald cap and liquid latex. The castor sealer will cure liquid latex appliances and makeup, and this step will ready the bald cap to accept standard cream makeup, and will prevent discoloration.

Since you're covering a pretty big area, use a large makeup brush to apply the castor sealer - we used a blush brush.

Allow the castor sealer to try for 10 to 20 minutes.
Bald Step 6:
Use a foam wedge sponge to paint on the Mehron CreamBlend™ Stick that most closely matches your skin tone - we used Natural Beige Blush. Using a dabbing (not wiping) motion, apply the makeup all over the skin and cap.

Don't worry yet about having an even, opaque coat - we'll go back later to even out the coverage.
Bald Step 7:
Mist the Mehron Barrier Spray over your entire face. Hold the bottle a few inches away from the face, and be sure to close your eyes while spraying! Let the barrier spray dry completely.

The barrier spray will serve to set and preserve the makeup application. You could also use Mehron ColorSet setting powder: using a powder puff, press (rather than rub) the powder into the cream makeup.
Step 8:
Go back with the Mehron CreamBlend™ Stick skin-tone makeup and dab it on with a foam wedge sponge. Continue until you reach your desired opacity. Spray again with the Mehron Barrier Spray, and let it dry.

We decided to continue on and add some stubble over the entire head, but you can also stop here for a completely bald effect!

Using the stipple sponge, we went back with the Ebony CreamBlend™ makeup to create a "stubble" effect.
Bald Bald

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