Tiger Makeup Tutorial

Tiger and wildcat makeup is a great choice for both kids and adults. We chose to use water-based Mehron Fantasy F/X™ makeup, which is very easy to use and remove. Here are step-by-step instructions on how you can recreate this look on your own. Have fun!

Tiger Before you Start:
Gather your Supplies

We used:
-Mehron Fantasy F/X™ in White, Gold, Copper, and Black
-Mehron 314 Stageline Brush
-Mehron 340 Stageline Brush
-Paper plate (or similar material) to use as a palette
Find an inspiration image
We also looked on-line for a close-up image of a tiger to use as inspiration for our makeup design. We found it was easiest to print out a full-color copy of the picture, so we could easily refer to it as necessary during the process.

Click on the image to the right for a larger version, if you'd like to use that as your reference.
Tiger Makeup Inspiration
Tiger Step 1:
Be sure to start with clean skin. If you have long hair, tie it back away from your face.

Using your inspiration picture as a reference, decide where you would like to paint the white Fantasy F/X™ makeup. Use a thin Stageline brush. We painted the white in a ring around the face, at the chin, eyebrows, jawline, and above the lips.
Tiger Step 2:
Paint on the Fantasy F/X™ gold makeup. Fill in most of the front of the face. We also painted one stripe at the very top of the forehead.

We left the tip of the nose, sides of the face, and philtrum clean (for now!)

After we painted on the gold, we went back and added some more white on the lower cheeks. Make sure you leave un-painted lines coming down from the corners of the mouth.
Tiger Step 3:
Use the copper Fantasy F/X™ as an accent color and fill in some more stripes. We used the copper to outline most of the white we painted on in step 1.

We also used the copper to shade in the sides of the nose. Notice the the tip of the nose is still unpainted.
Step 4:
Using a thin stageline brush, start filling in the philtrim with the black Fantasy F/X™. We also painted a portion of the upper lip.

Fill in the lines coming down from the corners of the mouth. We let these lines trail off about an inch above the jawline.

You can also add curved, sweeping lines that come up out of the corners of the mouth.
Tiger Step 5:
Continue to use the black Fantasy F/X™ to polish the look.

Here we outlined the eyes in black, drew on the nose outline, and added some light vertical stripes on the chin. We also started to add some accent stripes on the forehead and cheeks.
Tiger Step 6:
Here we added more accent stripes of the black Fantasy F/X™ across the forehead and cheeks.

Don't worry about your brush-strokes being super precise and sharp, the stripes will look more tiger-like if the brush-strokes are more natural.
Tiger Step 7:
Here we added broad stripes of the black Fantasy F/X™ across the cheeks, and painted little dots above the mouth. We also added black accents along the brow-bone.

Then comes touch-ups - we went back and added more white along the jawline. Add any costume elements you'd like, and you're ready to go!
Tiger Tiger

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