18th Century/Colonial Woman

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Rental includes:

Top - Fitted corset-style sky-blue bodice with a plunging neckline. The sides of the bodice and the sleeves are decorated with a gauze gold diamond-patterned netting. There are lace engageantes at the ends of the sleeves. The neckline is decorated with lace trim, and the bosom is made of a slightly brighter blue fabric. There is a yellow-gold panel on the stomach, lined with gold and white trim, with an embroidered design. The bodice has snap and Velcro closures in the back, which are hidden by the cape.
Skirt - Matching sky-blue skirt with a gold panel at the top, and white panels at the sides that are hidden by the polonaise over-skirt. There is lace trim at the bottom, and a front panel of diamond-patterned brighter blue fabric.
Cape - Floor-length panel of sky-blue fabric that snaps on to the back of the bodice to create a sack-back silhouette. The fabric matches the print on the skirt and the polonaise over-skirt.
Polonaise Over-Skirt - Two flounces that fit over the skirt and under the bodice to enhance the exaggerated panier-style silhouette.
Gloves - White opera-length dress gloves.
Fan - White lace hand-held folding fan with gold metallic designs painted on.
Note: This costume is pictured with paniers and a petticoat, which are available for an additional $10.00.

Please contact us for sizing information.

Rental Code: F2-18THW1 marie antoinette madame du pompadour versailles french 

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