Mariachi Woman

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Rental includes:

Jacket - Traje de Gala style ladies' short black jacket with a snug, fitted waist. There are wide lapels with a wide metal brooch and button clasp. There are silver metal buttons at the wrist cuffs.
Skirt - Traje de Gala style black ankle-length skirt. There are silver metal botonaduras (button details) running down the outer sides of the skirt. There is a zipper and button fly closure at the waist.
Shirt - Fitted, plain, white collared button-up shirt.
Tie - Bright red over-sized wide bow tie that attaches around the neck with a string tie.
Sash - Bright red wide sash worn around the waist.
Sombrero - Traditional black felt Sombrero Charro hat with a high crown and a wide brim. The sombrero has silver woven designs and a white and gold cord that fits around the wearer's chin.

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