Norman Soldier

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Rental includes:

Tunic - Calf-length forest green tunic. The tunic has decorative gold trim around the edges of the garment.
Gambeson - Maroon quilted sleeveless calf-length over-shirt. The gambeson has hip-length slits on the bottom half.
Belt - Long brown leather belt with a brass buckle in the front.
Breeches - Brown cotton knee-length breeches. The breeches have an elasticized waistband for an adjustable, comfortable fit.
Helmet - Silver metal conical forward-peaked Norman helm with a nasal piece on the front.
Arming Cap - Cream-colored quilted arming cap worn underneath the helmet for extra padding.
Gauntlet Gloves - Black faux leather gloves with extended cuffs to cover the forearms. The cuffs have gold embroidered trim around the edges.
Boot Tops - Black vinyl boot tops that reach up to almost knee-level. Boot tops fit on over the wearer's regular black shoes and give the illusion of boots. Please note that the model is pictured wearing actual boots, which are not included with the rental.

Please contact us for sizing information.

Rental Code: A6-NORMAN1 armor warrior crusades crusader anglo-saxon knight normandy battle of hastings


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Norman Soldier Costume

Call or Email for Availability
Boston Costume™ Request Page