Pirate Man

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Rental includes:

Jacket - Brown faux-leather heavyweight, weathered jacket with decorative silver buttons. The sleeves have folded-over cuffs at the wrists.
Waistcoat - Maroon sleeveless waistcoat with flap pockets and horizontal trim on the front.
Breeches - Light yellow/tan-colored knee-length breeches.
Shirt - Lightweight off-white cotton character shirt.
Baldric - (Not pictured) Black vinyl sword sash with decorative braided trim around the edges.
Sash - Long maroon, green, and yellow horizontally-striped sash worn tied around the waist.
Belt - Black vinyl belt with an over-sized buckle.
Boot Tops - Brown vinyl boot tops with folded-over cuffs. Boot tops are worn with the wearer's regular shoes and give the illusion of boots. Please note that the model is wearing actual boots, which are not included with the costume.
Pistol - Wooden toy antique-looking pirate-style prop pistol.
Hat - Sturdy black and gold faux-velvet tricorn hat.

Please contact us for sizing information.

Rental Code: E4-PIRM4

This costume is also available to rent without the jacket and hat for $95.00.
Pirate Man Waistcoat

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Call or Email for Availability
Boston Costume™ Request Page