Beastly Creature


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Rental includes:

Head - A large, brown fur head. The foundation is a lightweight rigid foam. Two plastic teeth protrude from the closed mouth. There are blue cartoon-style eyes that the wearer can see through. There are long, wavy horns coming out of the sides of the head and a ponytail with blue bow in the back.
Tailcoat - Blue velvet tailcoat with yellow satin lapels and gold epaulettes.
Waistcoat - Blue velvet waistcoat with gold buttons. Vest is fixed in the front with Velcro back closure.
Fur Pants - Brown fur pants with tail and elasticized waist.
Breeches - Black satin knee-length breeches with slot for tail.
Shirt - Lightweight white cotton collared character shirt.
Jabot - Frilly white collar that attaches around the neck with a Velcro strap.
Hand Mitts - Matching brown fur mittens.
Foot Covers - Matching brown foot covers. Foot covers fit on over regular shoes and have an elasticized strap at the bottom of the foot cover, and give the illusion of mascot feet while still giving the wearer the ability to wear his or her own shoes underneath.
Note: A padded muscle shirt can be added to this costume for an additional $15.00 charge.

Please contact us for sizing information.

Rental Code: I2-BEASTLY beauty and the beast