Upside-Down Clown

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Rental includes:

Suit - Half-red, half-rainbow patterned jumpsuit. There is polka-dot ruffle trim on the edges of the garment - wrist cuffs, neckline, and pant cuffs. The wearer's legs go into what appears to be the clown's hands, so when the costume is worn, it looks like the clown is walking on his hands. There are attached half-red, half-blue elf-style clown shoes at the feet (which, when worn, are above the wearer's head.) There is a screen at the base of the clown's legs that the wearer can see through.
Head - Painted clown head worn around the wearer's waist.
Hands - Latex peach-colored foot covers shaped like hands. The foot covers can be worn over the wearer's regular shoes.

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Rental Code: D10-UDCLOWN1 circus clown krusty funny circus carnival


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