Masked Pirate & Storybook Princess

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Masked Pirate: $50.00
Call or Email for Availability
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Storybook Princess: $95.00
Call or Email for Availability
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Masked Pirate Rental includes:

Shirt - Lightweight, loose-fitting black shirt that laces up at the neckline. There is a fold-over collar. The shirt has billowy sleeves that cinch in at the wrist cuffs.
Pants - Full-length black trousers that lace up the sides. The trousers have an elasticized waistband for an adjustable, comfortable fit.
Gauntlet Gloves - Black faux leather gloves with extended cuffs to cover the forearms. The cuffs have gold embroidered trim around the edges.
Sash - Long black sash worn tied around the waist.
Mask - Lightweight black cloth eye mask with an attached scarf that covers the top of the head and ties at the back.
Boot Tops - Black vinyl boot tops that reach up to almost knee-level. Boot tops fit on over the wearer's regular black shoes and give the illusion of boots. Please note that the model is pictured wearing actual boots, which are not included with the rental.

Please contact us for sizing information.

Rental Code: J2-MPIRATE westley dread pirate roberts

Storybook Princess Rental includes:

Chemise - Shiny, satiny white gown with an Empire-style waist. The skirt is made of off-white panné velvet. The sleeves are fitted through to the wrists, and come to a "V" shape at the cuffs.
Gown - Shiny, satiny white over-dress with delicate, subtle flower pattern embroidery. The over-dress has a fitted lace-up bodice, and widens into a full skirt. The sleeves are oversized, and hang to roughly knee length.
Headdress - (Not pictured) Bright white gauze veil that hangs down in the back, with a soft white skullcap at the top that attaches to the wearer's head with hair pins.

Please contact us for sizing information.

Rental Code: A9-MEDW10 maiden buttercup the princess bride 

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