18th Century/Colonial Man


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Rental includes:

Waistcoat - Blue and black brocade-patterned hip-length waistcoat with black velvet trim. There are fancy silver buttons with black velvet straps across the front and shoulders.
Breeches - Matching black velvet breeches that reach down to roughly knee-length. The waistband and cuffs are elasticized for an adjustable, comfortable fit.
Shirt - Lightweight white cotton collared character shirt. The wrists have white lace trim around the cuffs.
Jabot - Lacy, frilly white collar that attaches around the neck with a Velcro strap.
Hose - White knee-length stockings.
Shoe Buckles - Silver buckles with black tongues attached to a strip of elastic that fits around black shoes to give the illusion of traditional period shoes.

Note: This costume is available with either a Wig or a Tricorn Hat. If both are desired, there is an additional $15.00 charge.

Please contact us for sizing information.

Rental Code: E3-18THM25 colonial venetian versailles colonial louis xiv 1700's masquerade carnival ball 

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Call or Email for Availability
Boston Costume™ Request Page