Cavalier Man

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Rental includes:

Gambeson - Black velvet quilted gambeson doublet with circular silver metal studs. There is black and silver rope trim at the sleeves, collar, and bottom hem. The sleeves are attached to the gambeson with cord ties, and are split to reveal the shirt underneath. The gambeson closes up the front with silver decorative hook-and-eye closures.
Cape - Black velvet cape with a folded-over collar and gold trim around the perimeter. There is a black satin lining. The cape has string ties.
Shirt - White cotton button-up undershirt with billowy sleeves.
Falling Band - White linen collar with lace trim.
Sash - Silver sash that is worn tied around the waist.
Baldric - Black vinyl sword sash with a silver buckle on the front.
Gauntlet Gloves - Black faux leather gloves with extended cuffs to cover the forearms. The cuffs have gold trim around the edges.
Breeches - Black velveteen knickers with elastic at the waist and cuffs.
Hat - Sturdy black hat with a wide brim, turned up on one side. There is a white feather plume. There is a black band around the crown with a silver buckle on the front.
Boot Tops - Black tall faux-leather boot tops. Boot tops fit on over the wearer's regular shoes to give the illusion of boots.

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Rental Code: A3-CAVM2 musketeer three musketeers royalist puritan 

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