Steampunk Captain

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Rental includes:

Jacket - Waist-length fancy red coat with a red and black velvet brocade pattern. There are decorative buttons on the front, with a decorative military medal and chain. There are black and gold epaulettes at the shoulders. There is a standing collar. The coat has gold strap closures on the front.
Shirt - White button-down character shirt.
Cravat - Cream-colored satin puff tie that attaches around the wearer's neck with Velcro.
Pants - Full-length dark blue trousers with a scarlet stripe down the outer seams of the legs.
Baldric - White sash worn over one shoulder. The sash has a gold charm on the front.
Holster - Black leather gun holster with an adjustable waist.
Gloves - Short white dress gloves.
Helmet - Lightweight white cloth-covered pith helmet with a brown faux-leather strap. Goggles sold separately.
Boot Tops - Black vinyl boot tops worn over the wearer's regular black shoes, to give the illusion of boots.Please note that the model is wearing actual boots, which are not included with the costume.

Please contact us for sizing information.

Rental Code: E4-VSTEAMC

Steampunk Captain Costume jules verne victorian airship dirigible safari 

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