Cavalier Man

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Rental includes:

Doublet - Emerald-green velvet doublet with dagged ends at the bottom. The doublet has decorative gold trim.
Cape - Green patterned cape with a folded-over collar and gold trim around the perimeter. There is a light orange satin inner lining. The cape has string ties.
Shirt - White cotton undershirt.
Falling Band - White linen collar with lace trim.
Sash - Orange satin sash worn tied around the waist.
Baldric - Brown faux leather sword sash worn draped over one shoulder. There is gold and black trim.
Gauntlet Gloves - Brown faux leather gloves with extended cuffs to cover the forearms. The cuffs have gold trim around the edges.
Breeches - Matching green velvet knee-length breeches.
Hat - Sturdy black hat with a wide brim, turned up on one side. There is a white feather plume. There is a black band around the crown with a silver buckle on the front.
Boot Tops - Brown tall vinyl cuffed boot tops. Boot tops fit on over the wearer's regular shoes to give the illusion of boots.

Please contact us for sizing information.

Rental Code: A3-CAVM13 musketeer three musketeers royalist puritan 

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Cavalier Man Costume

Call or Email for Availability
Boston Costume™ Request Page