Clown Makeup Tutorial

There are tons of options for clown makeup! We chose to do a classic whiteface clown. Here are step-by-step instructions on how you can recreate this look on your own. Have fun!

Clown Before you Start:
Gather your Supplies

We used:
-Mehron Clown White
-Mehron StarBlend™ Cake in Pink
-Mehron Paradise AQ™ in Blue Steel Metallic
-Mehron CreamBlend™ Stick in Red
-Mehron Black Grease Pencil
-Foam Wedge Sponge
-Mehron 314, 318, and 340 Stageline Brushes
Clown Step 1:
Be sure to start with clean skin. If you have long hair, tie it back away from your face.

Using the foam latex sponge, paint Mehron Clown White over the entire face. Start with a thin coat, then let it dry and re-apply until you have an even, opaque coat.
Step 2:
Using the 314 Stageline Brush, paint the lips with the red Mehron CreamBlend™ Stick.

You have a couple of options here. You can paint on the lips free-hand. Or, using a cotton swab, remove all of the white base exactly where you would like to paint the red lips - think of the cotton swab like a pencil eraser. For the sharpest line, twist the end of the cotton swab between two fingers, and get it slightly wet. Once you have an outline you are happy with, you can then go in with the red stick makeup.
Clown Step 3:
Using the 314 Stageline Brush, paint a round circle on the tip of the nose with the red Mehron CreamBlend™ Stick.

As with the lips, you can either free-hand the nose, or use a cotton swab to erase a circle of the white makeup, and then paint on the nose.

Of course, if you want to use a round foam clown nose instead, feel free to skip this step!
Clown Step 4:
We took a cue from traditional Italian Harlequin clowns of Commedia dell’Arte, and decided to add some blue diamond eye makeup.

Using the 318 Stageline Brush, paint the elongated diamonds over the eyelids and under the eyes with the blue Paradise makeup.
Clown Step 5:
Use the black grease pencil to draw a pair of rounded eyebrows. Use the 340 Stageline Brush to draw on round cheeks with the pink StarBlend™ cake makeup.
To set your makeup, you can use Mehron Setting Powder. Lightly dust the powder over your entire face. Let it set for a few seconds then lightly brush off any excess.

Add a clown wig and costume, and you're ready to go!
Clown Clown

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